Acidicloop is the brainchild of live looping artist Ray Confer. Utilizing the technique of live looping involves layering multiple guitar and bass over looped beats. He likes to blend many different styles of funk, blues, jazz, rock and gospel to bring a live, all improv groove. Mixing up between instrumental tracks and vocal songs, Acidicloop croses different genres and creates the songs on the fly, one piece at a time. This site brings the different music, videos and his interesting online virtual concerts in Second Life to life. So get in the loop... Acidicloop!

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In this section you will find the music of Acidicloop. Some are freely downloadable and some are compiled into his albums. All of them have previews to hear what the song sounds like. So enjoy your foray into some interesting sounds and grooves from Acidicloop.

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In this section you will find videos of Acidicloop. The videos usually include demonstration live of how he improvs the music live in layers. So put visual to the sounds and grooves you hear from Acidicloop.

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Want some cool merch from Acidicloop? Click below to see what he has in the Swag Store!